Topic: Download my Quantum of Solace (2020) Expanded script here

My Quantum of Solace (2020) Expanded script is finished.

I recreated Quantum of Solace (2008) as a screenplay paying careful attention to the writing styles of Purvis & Wade and Paul Haggis and added to it.

My script expands what was a 1h 46min movie into a 2h 20min movie and incorporates characters and plot details that were revealed in the book Some Kind of Hero and on MI6-hq.co.uk.

You can download my Quantum of Solace (2020) Expanded script here
https://pdfhost.io/v/NKccEqtKR_QoS_2020 … Script.pdf

Find out:

1. How when Greene told Bond what he wanted to know about Quantum, it was a trap.
2. How Mr. White orchestrates Quantum's next destructive move.
3. What happens to Guy Haines.
4. How Bond survives a massive shoot out with the Lord's Resistance Army.