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Any time I watch DAF I notice that one word is conspicuously never said: Specter.

Is Blofeld's plan a SPECTRE operation? Or has he gone independent? Is SPECTRE sill an existing entity or was it destroyed after the events of OHMSS?


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That's an interesting point. I can't think why they wouldn't at least mention it.


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Bond and M are both convinced Blofeld is dead after the PTS fight...

For those who consider DAF as the direct sequel to YOLT because of Connery's return (the first scene of the movie takes place in Japan as a symbol), it makes sense: many of Blofeld's goons and agents died in the crater and his latest plan failed.

To make such an organization powerful again, you need time and money. In DAF, Blofeld's financial and human resources are considerably weakened. He has to use Whyte's fortune to make his new plan concrete. Perhaps SPECTRE still exists but is no longer the massive entity it used to be, which could explain the word is never said.

It also works if you consider the film as the sequel to OHMSS but given Lazenby's Bond and Blofeld seem to meet for the first time, the lack of continuity between YOLT and OHMSS bothers me. Furthermore, there's no reference to Tracy in DAF (although many people consider Bond avenges her death in the PTS)...

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Just my two cents, ....
I always thought it was a sign of the fall of SPECTRE how in YOLT, They were a huge
worldwide organisation, smaller but still a threat in OHMSS and by DAF, to operate
it had to usurp the Whyte group of companies.  As for the SPECTRE octopus sign, I
think that's Blofeld's Tag  ajb007/wink

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