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Let's get a good old discussion going. What is the greatest looking Bond film of them all?

I agree with most that Skyfall has some of the greatest cinematography of the lot, especially the scenes up in the Highlands as some of those shots are seriously breathtaking. TSWLM may also be in with a shout though as that's definitely one of the most glamorous looking films, especially on Blu-ray where the colours pop right off the screen.

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I'll nominate You Only Live Twice. Fantastic cinematography here, from the bright lights of Tokyo to the sun setting over the mountains and the technical consistency of the aerial battles. Great cinematography on display all round in this Bond film.


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Seconded, YOLT for me too.


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Yolt, hands down, close second OHMSS

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Casino Royale for me. Bahamas, Italy etc beautifully filmed to my eye.

Yes. Considerably!

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OHMSS, followed by Skyfall. Stunning cinematography in both.


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Yeah I'd have to go for Skyfall too in terms of cinematography. Spectre isn't bad either but not as good. I think Moonraker is rather pretty too.


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OHMSS, YOLT, TB all on a par.

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Thunderball for me. Those beautiful shots of Nassau, the beaches, the sea when Bond and Leiter are searching for the Vulcan... not to mention all of the scenes with Domino... OHMSS and YOLT come in close too.

I'm not so struck on the more recent films, which don't have quite the same lingering shots of beautiful locations as they used to have (with the exception of the scene in Skyfall when Bond and M pull off the road near Glen Etive). Perhaps the last great-looking Bond film was Moonraker.

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Moonraker would get my vote  ajb007/martini

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I would go with OHMSS, MR, YOLT, TSWLM

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TB, yolt but I do love CR too it manages the capture a sense of the location, except Miami, which really could have been any airport anywhere in the world .

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It’s Moonraker for me.


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Looks like YOLT & MR are leading the pack  ajb007/martini

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For me it will be 'Octopussy' but for personal reasons.

I spent a bit of time in India and went to some of the locations. The 'Taj Lake Palace' in Udaipur was absolutely stunning and so romantic.

I get nostalgic every time I watch the film. Udaipur was a beautiful place.


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Bond films attract outstanding DP's and they all tend to look very good, especially on a large cinema screen where they were meant to be seen. First let's talk about aspect ratios/film format. Let's look at the "non-scope" Bond films first. DR, FRWL, and GF were all shot 1.66 to 1 (but formatted to be projected up to 1.85 to 1). There was a brief return to non-scope with LALD and TMWTGG (which were both shot 1.85 to 1). IMO, the narrower aspect ratio suites DR and FRWL stories very well and the dye transfer Technicolor looks and "feels" great giving both films a heightened sense of reality. GF, being the template for the "epic" Bond films to follow I always wondered why it wasn't the first Bond shot in 2.35 to 1 Cinemascope/Panavision. That being said, the action in GF is beautifully framed and shot (especially the scenes in Switzerland w/ the DB5) and as usual, the use of Technicolor is beautiful. The only one of the non-scope Bonds I believe would have benefited from wider scope ratio was LALD. While LALD, IMO was well framed and photographed, the wider aspect ratio would have afforded the film a grander and more epic feel more befitting of the story. All the 'scope Bond films except one were beautifully shot IMO. The standouts for me are TB, YOLT, OHMSS (except for the over cranked PTS fight on the beach but it does have a certain charm) CS and Skyfall. The exception is LTK. With LTK it has much to do with the "Miami Vice" style (especially in the PTS/Florida scenes) which give it an old TV movie feel. I actually like LTK, but think if they used TB or even the early non-scope Bonds (especially DN or FRWL) as a style template, it would have been a better film.


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OHMSS and SF. They both looked like art house films.


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Top ten: