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Hi everyone,
New here, hoping someone can help me ID a watch in Live and Let Die.
Can't believe I've not spotted it before...
Obviously Bond sports a Rolex Submariner 5513 and a Hamilton Pulsar in the film, but there's a third I can't quite work out.
During the bleaker Flying School scene, the boat chase scene, and the scene just before Bond and Solitaire board the train towards the end, a third watch can be seen.
At first sighting, it looks to be an Omega Speedmaster Mark II, but I can't be sure.
Can anyone confirm what this watch is?


Re: ID on watch in Live and Let Die

It’s a Tissot PR516



Re: ID on watch in Live and Let Die

We‘ve had a longer discussion about the Tissot here:

https://ajb007.co.uk/topic/46225/anothe … jb/page/2/

And you may find out, that Moore is wearing a Submariner Date throughout TMWTGG

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