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Well, I have been calling these people out for years here on AJB ( just because it‘s unimaginable to see those Nazis again in our parliament - not only in Germany) and have been called an anti-democrat because I don‘t accept a democratic vote and so on.

I have been attacked for making their encoded xenophobic, racist messaging to their voters up but I kept on calling those Nazis out because they are what they are. All over Europe and I mean you UKIP and Brexit Party guys too, who are happily accepting funding from Russia just to strengthen your position.


And that does not only apply to the AfD etc Party people - it‘s gutting that people are voting for those guys.

This I heard yesterday: „Strong people don‘t need strongman leaders“ and there is much truth in that

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Re: The Rant Box

Hear, and indeed, hear!


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The New Zealand insentive budget for foreign movie productions in the country is about ten times as hight as Norway's! That's not the worst part - Irland's budget is 15 times as high as Norway's!! ajb007/mad
Norway (especially this county) has seen a very good year for foreign movie productions with Mission Impossible, Bond and Dlack Widow, but if we're not willing to put down the cash it won't last  ajb007/mad  ajb007/mad