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I have been planning a software change for a long time now and one of the main hold-ups is the Private Messages and whether it's worth transferring them to the new site. Unfortunately there isn't an easy way to import the old Private Messages into the new software, it's not impossible but not easy.

If you feel strongly that keeping them is the answer then I will work on it, if not then you would start with an empty inbox in the new software. If you wanted I would be able to email you a text file or csv of the messages from your account. Then after x days/weeks I would delete them all.

Your thoughts?



Re: New Website Software & Private Messages

While I would like to keep the old PMs, I think being emailed a text file would do to help keep track of some information.


Re: New Website Software & Private Messages

Emailing me a text file of my messages works for me. I just like having a record especially regarding past transactions.


Re: New Website Software & Private Messages

I'm in agreement with the two members above. If it makes changing the forum software easier then by all means go ahead and delete the current messages after emailing the text file of the messages to the individual members. This seems a good compromise solution and I voted for that option in the poll.

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Re: New Website Software & Private Messages

I would prefer to have the PM's moved to the new system but at the end of the day it's not my call.

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