Topic: So many jackets and coats, so little time

So with the changing seasons, curious as to what jacket or coat you wear in various conditions, here is a starter list of my typical selections (note not all of these are SA, some are Budget Bond):

10-15 C or 50-60 F  Supply jacket, London Suede, Morrocco Suede, Harrington, Haiti
5-10 C or 40-50 F    Menlo, London suede, morrocco suede, Harrington
0-5 C or 30-40 F      Solden, Menlo, Pea Coat, Waxed blazer
-5 -10 C or 10-30 F  Pea Coat, Solden, Wool topcoat


Re: So many jackets and coats, so little time

Fall and Spring, I wear the Matchless suede (SP), John Varvatos suede (SP), Royale Harrington (QOS), and Royale Haiti (QOS).  Winter, I wear the Billy Reid Peacoat (SF) if it's not too cold.

Current rankings:
Bond rankings: Lazenby>Moore>Connery>Craig>Brosnan>Dalton