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I've heard through Y-3 that the jacket from the film has already been released...and another release is due for January sometime. Has anyone picked one up yet??? This is what Y-3 emailed me;

Hello Mike,

Thank you for your e-mail. The jacket featured in the Bond film Quantum of Solace is currently sold out worldwide due to the highly popular success of the movie. More will become available in January 2009. We regret that the online store will not be carrying this item, and it will only be available at Y-3 stores (in person or via phone order). The price is $390.

Feel free to let us know if you have any other questions or inquiries.

Kindest Regards,


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A number of forum members, including myself, have this jacket. It was part of Y-3's Spring/Summer 2007 collection. Here's a link to the post discussing the jacket:



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Thanks, I remembered seeing some posts about it. Do you know what the model # is? I haven't seen any on ebay or their website. Where did you pick up yours?


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The style number of the jacket is 609980. I picked mine up the first week in December at the Y-3 Outlet in Orlando, FL. They only had one more jacket in a size Large after I bought mine. Be careful, they run about a size large.


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is someone can post please some pictures of the jacket please


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Gilt Groupe is having a Y3 sale today at 12 p.m. ET. No telling if they will have the jacket from QOS, but it might be worth a look. To get access to the site you need an invitation from someone. If anyone is interested PM me your email address and I will send you an invite. Link:


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Here's some pictures of the jacket. They are not the best, because they were taken with a camera phone. You'll notice the tab below the collar that Mantis mentioned in the original thread. It was folded back for the film as you can see in the picture linked below mine. Click on the picture for a larger view.



http://outnow.ch/Movies/2008/JamesBond- … ovie.fs/11

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A couple of questions.  Where is the Y-3 embroidery?  It's hard to tell from the pic.

Also, could you possibly get a pit to pit measurement for the size medium or give your actual chest measurement with how it fits you?  I'd like to get the fitted look from the film and don't know if one size or two down would be better.

Thanks very much.


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The Y-3 embroidery is on the rear of upper right shoulder. The pit to pit measurements is 22 and 3/4''. For the fitted look I would go a size down. The sleeves are a bit long and the jacket falls below my waist, but it's not overly large. Unfortunately, they didn't have a size Small, or I would have purchased one for a more screen accurate fit. When I contacted Simon ,about the jacket, he told me that he had bought a Small himself, but that he couldn't find anymore in that size. If it helps, a size Medium is my normal jacket size. Maybe Simon or Mantis can chime in on how their jackets fit? I'm thinking Craig's jacket was either a size smaller than his normal size, or tailored by wardrobe.

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I contacted Y-3 about the jacket, they told me the Y-3 jacket was this one:

http://www.filmreviews.ie/images/daniel … jacket.jpg

I also remember from the Live supplement of the Mail on Sunday, a close-up of this jacket, and there is a very small "Y-3" emblem on the left of the collar.

I was under the impression that the jacket he picked out the wardrobe of the guy he killed was by TF.

The collar on the jacket from the pictures you've posted look a little different to this one:

http://z.about.com/d/movies/1/0/A/M/R/q … cepic6.jpg



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The Y-3 Jacket I wound up keeping is a size small though I usually take a medium.  The sleeves are astill a bit long but that is typical for motorcycle/riding jackets.  The small gave me the fitted look of the movie.  REALLY great jacket.

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Thank you Mantis for the pictures, how much did you pay it ? and do you know where can i find it in size small ?


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The Jacket he picked out of Mr. Slates wardrobe (the guy he killed) was the Y-3 Jacket if you look closely at the last picture you posted you can see that the collar tab is folded and probably stitched down under the collar.    As for the Y-3 embroidery on the shoulder, I don’t see this in the movie or in stills so perhaps it was edited out or they had Y-3 make some of these Jackets without embroidered shoulders, after all in that action packed scene they would have probably needed 20+ jackets

The Jacket in the first picture you posted is from Tom Ford and was never publicly available in blue, I seen the pictures in The Mail on Sunday but don’t remember seeing any Y-3 logos, but its DEFINETLEY a TOM FORD jacket.


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Anyone manage to find a Y-3 source that ships 'Internationally'....to Canada? I've heard that the jacket may only be available to stores in Florida and New York...they're both a little out of town..thanks guys


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Mantis, Simon, and any others here; if you have an extra in small I would gladly take it off your hands. I think i will try to call the U.S. stores after New Years. I let you know what I can find.


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Ohhhh, I just measured a similar style jacket that I have and the chest was very similar in size to the Y-3. JB1962, would you mind measuring the arm length and the width across the waist area?


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Bentley Mark IV,

Arm length on the jacket is 26 and 1/2" and width across the waist is 20 and 1/2".


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I found this link on the Y-3 website for international Y-3 dealers:


I'd try emailing or calling them to see if you can locate a Y-3 dealer close to you. Good Luck!


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Here's some more links to shots from the movie of the Y-3 jacket:

http://outnow.ch/Movies/2008/JamesBond- … ovie.fs/17

http://outnow.ch/Movies/2008/JamesBond- … movie.p/13

http://www.comingsoon.net/imageGallery/ … ace_95.jpg


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Almost double price than outlet price in Italy. I got it for EUR 200 and many were still available at that time.


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Hello Gentleman!

I am desperately looking to find this jacket. Willing to pay a premium for it too!

Is anyone interested in selling? Or can anyone steer me in the right direction as to who might have one they are willing to part ways with??

Let me know.


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Fortemike40 wrote:

Hello Gentleman!

I am desperately looking to find this jacket. Willing to pay a premium for it too!

Is anyone interested in selling? Or can anyone steer me in the right direction as to who might have one they are willing to part ways with??

Let me know.

I believe Royale is going to be doing another run of their imitation jacket soon.