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Does anybody have any contact info for whoever was selling these on the Bay not so long ago, saw one recently and the quality was really good.  It would save me having to produce it myself and I wouldn't be treading on the originators toes either.  Many thanks guys.


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Mate they seem to pop-up on ebay from time to time,
i'm quite sure there will be one soon...don't recall
the sellers ID ajb007/crap

Found it!!

Today's your lucky day : http://cgi.ebay.com/James-Bond-Replica- … 1e5f5cb55e

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Thanks Teppo
Mmmmm listed under scifi x files, no wonder I couldn't find it.  It gets better, eBay will not allow any contact with the seller, seller will not ship outside CONUS.  Even though I have a drop address in CA, my primary is in UK so it kicks me out.  Very frustrating.


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Andy, if you need any help please let me know ajb007/martini


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BTW, you can still contact seller - if you can't PM me.


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Seen it often at ebay – anybody know the quality of the material ?


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Hello All!

Not sure if anyone on this thread is still active but I am looking to purchase a reproduction of the Thunderball mission folder or perhaps the digital files so that I could produce one for myself. If anyone could lead me in the right direction I would appreciate it very much!



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M.Largo......Sent you a PM.  --Ed