Topic: Palazzi Flannel Overshirt

This is a loose connection, but a nice product:

This overshirt is made from Palazzi flannel, which is crafted by Fox Bros. exclusively for PML. It features two chest pockets, a button front, and a single button at each cuff.

Palazzi flannel is named after Alessandro Palazzi, manager of Duke’s Bar in Mayfair. Duke’s is home to the famous Vesper Martini, which is inspired by Ian Fleming, writer and creator of James Bond.

Gianluca Migliarotti writes of the flannel: “From afar it’s green, but on closer inspection the flannel reveals an incredible melange of hidden colours. It reminds me of Alessandro’s Vesper Martini with all its special ingredients so well mixed.”

from: https://leffot.com/brands/pml/overshirt-palazzi-flannel  but also available to order at https://pommellanapoli.com/products/cop … el-capsule