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This is really an interesting topic. Even though family tradition played the definitive role in for me to get to military and then government service, Bond has had a strong influence on how I view my own habits.

1) Quite early on in my life I was taught by my parents of the proper way of dress, what to wear and when. Then when I came to have my own money, I started to appreciate some of the finer things in life, and maybe in contrast to the quite somber day to day professional wear issued to me (uniform), I turned into a something of a dandy on my days off. Ian Fleming and James Bond changed all this. I started to buy less, and of a better quality, and made the point of finding clothes that were low on flash. Quite often, when I'm in a suit, it's navy blue with white or light blue shirt and a black knitted tie with moccasin shoes (loafers). I applied this same approach  on lot of things I buy, to the consternation of my wife. What I see as "patina", she sees old and worn things that should be replaced with new stuff.
2) I eat simple lunches when at work. I don't travel that much and in my industry, there is too much oversight to get away with extravagant meals in the expense report. But I am lucky to be someone who likes to spend time in kitchen, so I can satisfy my hunger for better food in home. and you all know what I eat for breakfast....
3) I did that cigarette lighter and case thing.
4) Martial arts. My job gets me to firing range once or twice a year.
5) I feel secret guilty pleasure over throwing my suit jacket on the floor or on some random chair, when I feel I don't want to wear it. I have done this occasionally at meetings also.
6) Bourbon, on the rocks, first pull always long then add some more bourbon.
7) G&T from TMWGG, you have find the correct limes.
8) Tie knot

I'm sure that there is more. I have read the Fleming Bond series over the course of 30 years I have owned it at least a dozen times already. One is certain to absorb some of the habits and attitudes with that amount of exposure!

What I find interesting, is that a lot of these things have come over time. With out this thread I wouldn't have started to think about these things. There are few things that I do consciously; like the jacket and bourbon, there are things that I wanted because of Bond, like the lighter and cigarette case way back when I smoked. Also something to consider is, that most of if not all of it comes from Ian Fleming. I think in my younger days I would probably have found DCs Bond quite attractive choice. Now he just seems like brash noveau riche middle class chav. PB was Bond for the business elites of the '90s, his best performance as an agent IMHO was in The Matador. I think I have most in common with Timothy Dalton and his wardrobe. Just forget about RM and GL. Sean Connery, what can I say, he's an icon, from him I adopted Red Stripe and slap on rump (of my wife mind you) and on occasion it is hard to resist "I'd say it's a 30-year-old fine, indifferently blended ... with an overdose of bon bois.".

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