Re: SPECTRE reviews - *SPOILERS*

I'm watching Spectre again and I still hate it. If they insited on keeping the connection between Bond and Oberhauser and SP and CR/QOS I'd do it like this.

I just thought about how the producers maybe could have saved the character of Oberhauser and organization SPECTRE in the film Spectre, but still let them be brothers and connect CR and QOS to it. 1st: Cut Silva from SPECTRE, he has nothing to do with them, as a lot of people already pointed out. 2nd”: Let him tell a story about how he got on the wrong path. How he left the house because of Bond. How he started dartling around until he found this organization, Quantum. Eventually with Bond killing their top guys, Quantum was falling apart. So, he started a new organization, called Spectre. He hired old Quantum employees, like Mr. White. But he’s more brutal and obscure, that’s why Mr. White left him. Now are Craigs first two films connected and not because “I have a stupid brother and I want revenge”, but because Oberhauser is crazy and he developed himself in the underworld. If they worked out this part well, I could live with the ‘now I’m Blofeld’ scheme, but only if there was a good reason for it. Maybe an alias was obligated, or maybe his body was still missing from the avalanche. Anyway, this all didn’t happen and I still hate Spectre because of all the missed potential.

But well, that's not what we got and not something we'll ever see. Oh yeah I believe my TV now has the tendency to display everything a bit more yellow....

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Re: SPECTRE reviews - *SPOILERS*

Yes, that's a good summary of the film. Missed potential, in yellow.


Re: SPECTRE reviews - *SPOILERS*

I don't get the yellow reference but it is awfully late.

It's odd how the whole Blofeld thing messes people up. It doesn't me, but I can see how it would totally. I guess they wanted Blofeld for what might be Craig's last film. So they shoehorned him in. In some ways it make sense, the idea that his half brother of sorts wouldn't just kill him but prefer to toy with him over years as is the wont of Bond villains. On the other hand, the retro ruse (there's a world for this someone on this sight came out with) tries to cover up the fact that the producers really didn't quite have a gameplay for the Craig era and tried to make it up retrospectively.

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