Re: Watch Porn Wednesday

Asp9mm wrote:

The new SM300 is a mixed bag of good and bad improvements.

Smaller case, flatter profile, less cluttered dial and brushed inner links are all a win.

Aluminium bezel is a step down.  But the new tapered crown ruins the overall look completely for me.

The crown is a real head-scratcher. It looks closer to the crowns seen in the Aqua Terra and to me the appeal of the 300 is that there's nothing overly "precious" about it.


Re: Watch Porn Wednesday

What's a good way of getting a value for a watch? A family member has a 70s Sicura (which later became Breitling) which I want to buy, and I don't want to try and diddle him and give him less than it's worth, but equally it's quite hard to be sure what the value is as so few of them seem to be around and neither of us are sure. It's an MG commemorative chrono from 1975 with a Valjoux 7734 movement.