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From Roger Moore's official website.

A very special Bond

It's an entertaining read from Doreen Whiting. She tells of her obsession/infatuation of Roger Moore. The way she hoped/planned to meet him and what happened when she finally did, etc.

The reason I am posting this here is because Doreen reveals plenty of interesting behind the scenes info (which you may not be aware of) from some of Roger's Bond films, most notably TSWLM.

Enjoy. ajb007/smile


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Very cool, MNL.  Thanks for sharing.  ajb007/martini

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That's nice stuff and he always seems like a top bloke (although it was uncomforatble reading at times- she was very dedicated to him, wasn't she? ajb007/smile


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Pleased you posted Doreen's story on AJB. It's just an amazing one which could have been possible in the 70'