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Found a good article on the Swaine Adeney website the people who made the attaché case for “From Russia with Love”
Follow the link and it's in the signature goods section.


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Welcome to ajb, pav222.  First off, though, I'm moving your post, since it has nothing to do with the upcoming Bond film, Casino Royale.  Since the "article" really isn't about Bond and is more of a solicitation to buy the case itself, the Memorabilia & Collecting forum is most appropriate.

Second, posting a link is great, but in future would you please provide more than the URL and instructions where to go?  Frankly, I had a hard time finding the stuff, since "Signature Goods" is actually a subsection and there are no labels on said goods.  For the benefit of those who are interested in the case--and it's very cool indeed--the full link is here:

http://swaineadeney.co.uk//perl2/v2.cgi … ture-goods

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Thats a brilliant link and another gap in my Bond knowledge plugged.Thank you very much!!


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What about the attache case he uses in "Tomorrow Never Dies"?



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Will be posting for sale on ebay soon a Swaine Adeney Brigg attache case, very similar to 007's in 'From Russia with Love'. It's Black leather with red skiver lining. Any interest here?


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Sure,i ll watch it.


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Me too.


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Here goes Guyz. This is the link for the Bond briefcase posted on ebay today:

http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll? … T&rd=1

ebay # 330029434209


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Cool case...!!!

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No bids tho :'( wanna make me an offer?