Topic: Nov Total Film Bonus Casino Royale DVD

Your help is required!
The November edition of Total Film has finally made it's way onto the shelves here in Australia, but unfortunately the Bonus Behind-The-Scenes of Casino Royale DVD is not included! ajb007/mad
Does anyone know where I could purchase the DVD on it's own?
Or, I will be in London from 11th-23rd of November. Would the November issue of Total Film still be available?
Thanks for your help! ajb007/biggrin

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Re: Nov Total Film Bonus Casino Royale DVD

As magazines are usually printed a month in advance, I think it's likely that you will be able to get hold of the Total Film mag for November. I also doubt that you can get hold of the DVD on it's own (although they will probably start popping up on eBay soon!). I've just looked at the mag itself and there's a reference to overseas copies not having one, but nothing else.

I got a copy and to be honest, was a little disappointed with the Casino Royale content. It talks about behind the scenes, but there really wasn't that much on there - an intro from Campbell and the odd word from DC, JD and EG. There's also trailers for current films and some teasers for next years blockbuster (Spidey 3 etc). Lucky it was free, as I wouldn't have wanted to pay for it!

You're welcome to my copy if you really want it. Might be a tad-pricey to send it to Oz though - can send it to wherever you're staying in London if you want. Send me a PM if required.