Topic: Ultimate Bond Site Compromised

FYI for those who bought the UE dvds and visited the website to enter the Aston Martin Comp, received the following today:

" Dear A7ce,

We have become aware that the integrity of the BOND ULTIMATE EDITION
DVDs competition entitled "WIN AN ASTON MARTIN V8 VANTAGE FOR A
YEAR!" has been compromised, and as such we are updating the website,
www.theultimatebond.com in order to make sure that everyone who
enters the competition has a fair and equal chance of winning.
Therefore, we would be grateful if you would re-submit your entry to
the competition at any time after 27 October 2006 but before the
closing date of 00.07 on 7 February 2007.

To enter the competition, please visit www.theultimatebond.com.

Your unique code number(s) has/have been re-set to allow you to play
again and re-enter the competition, please see below:


Your login details:

username: xxxxxx
password: xxxxxx

Please note that the competition Terms and Conditions have been
updated and can be viewed by visiting www.theultimatebond.com/terms

Yours sincerely,

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment Ltd."

Looks like we've got real life spies hacking or what not ...


Re: Ultimate Bond Site Compromised

Yeah - I got the same email!
I might try my codes again.
It's odd that they've let people re-try codes, yet the competition closing date is the same as before.
I wonder what caused these abnormalities with codes?

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