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Hey everyone
My boss (or one of them, anyway) turns 50 this Monday, and many here in the office believe we should not let this momentous occassion pass unnoticed. He's a really nice guy, and we're always looking for some sort of good-natured jokes we can play on him. Anyone here have any ideas? ajb007/wink


Re: My Boss Turns 50!

How about getting him a granny stripper? ajb007/biggrin

I got one for my friend's bachelor party some years ago who would always play practical jokes on us. I had had my fill with him...

I tell you, the moment those wrinkles upon wrinkles burst from that giant cake I can honestly say we made up for a lifetime of puns from him. His expression was priceless.  ajb007/lol

And on top of that, she danced with a cane...for support of course. ajb007/wink

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Re: My Boss Turns 50!

Similar to Rogues idea, why not a singing telegram. My boss turned 50 a couple weeks ago. Everyone on duty chipped in and bought him a singing telegram. When she arrived she was dressed up as a Viking and sang a song filled with sayings that annoying him (ding dang being one of those sayings). I wasn't there but I heard it was a classic moment.

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Re: My Boss Turns 50!

I think you can buy fake Viagra look-alike pills(not that this 51-year-old has the slightest idea of what the real stuff looks like, mind you) but I'm not sure where. A Spenser's Gifts type place. You might be able to go to a pharmacy, explain what you're doing to the pharmacist, and see if they have some kind of box the pills come in with the name on it. Fill it with jelly beans or something.