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Hello all.

I am trying to get my hands on three Dalton posters.

The first is the teaser from Licence to Kill which is the close up of him in his dress shirt and the PPK at the side of his head.

The second is the US Living Daylights teaser again close up of him with a blue background. Please note this must be the US version with the white border (not the UK version which has not border and different strap line.

The third is the main Living Daylights poster of him in the barrel pose with the girl in white on the left.

With all of these posters can anyone help with the following questions:

1/ How do I know if I am getting an original?

2/ Does anyone know where I can get originals from?

3/ Is the LTK teaser more desirable with the C or S spelling?

4/ Should any of these three have a code number at the bottom to show they are original?

5/ On the LD teaser the originals all seem to be folded - should I be weary of any not folded?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.


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#4 : As far as I know...yes.

#5 : Yes , be wary....but its not impossible a very few MIGHT have escaped the folding process.

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Hi THEBESTMAN hope you are enjoying the forums.

In regards to the LTK teaser do you mean this one?


As I did have it for sale on ebay for £41.25 but it didn't have any interest. Heres the original ebay listing : http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll? … &rd=1.

If your interested in the poster send me a PM.

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Hi there.

That is indeed the LTK teaser I am after.

I notice that it is the US spelling too.

I presume that yours is an original and if so what makes it so (sorry to sound odd but I have been burned by people trying to pass off a copy of an original to me in the past).

If you can come back to me on this then I will PM you and hope we can tie something up. ajb007/smile


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I got the exact same poster also. As far as I know it is the original - very good graphic - has always been in storage in a tube, in Houston, Texas. Please contact me if you like more info. I also got original TLD video store standee. Good luck!


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I don't think it has the code number on the bottom, but I don't think all original posters do. I know some of the earlier ones did but I think this practice stopped later on. I'm no poster 'expert' however!

As for the poster, it was bought from a trustworthy source, and has the same size, quality of paper as other originals I've seen. To my knowledge it's not a fake, and is in excellent quality. As you can see on the ebay page I linked to, there are some very minor scuff marks down the one side, just so you are fully informed.

Should you decide you want it, but later decide it's not for you, just send it back to me. I'll refund any monies paid (apart from postage), if its still in the same condition.

Hope this helps.

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