Topic: Casino Royale DVD - Storage

Ok I know it's a bit early especially as it's just been released and over 90% of us haven't seen it yet; but this will be must have for me.

But how will you add this to your collection, if you have the 20 brief case set or tin case set, would u consider the first set as totally different timeline and not bother including this with that. Or would you want 1-21 in a row? And now they have introduced an array of sets by actor - which may be easier to control, triple packs etc.

I don't want to have 20 in a case and 1 lying around....


Re: Casino Royale DVD - Storage

I so agree with you on the 20 in a case and odd one out.  I would love to get the case and use it for something else and just store my DVDs in a separate storage area. 

I am having a hard time finding the case for sale in the U.S. and the remastered DVD commercials keep playing, but I can't find them online either.  I will not do eBay, so not even looking there.....any Yanks know where I can find the case and new DVDs?