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looking to sell my collection can some please give me some idea on what it is worth thank you                            
Collection        Ultimate                       
02102    Mach 1    Yes    boxed                   
02501    Alpine    Yes    boxed                   
04510    Submersible    Yes    boxed                   
047002    Shuttle    Yes    boxed                   
04702    Lotus Turbo    Yes    boxed                   
04802    V8    Yes    boxed                   
04902    Z3    Yes    boxed                   
05002    Z8    Yes    boxed                   
05102    750 1    Yes    boxed                   
05202    2000 GT    Yes    boxed                   
06102    Bus    Yes    boxed                   
06402    Taxis    Yes    boxed                   
06701    Truck    Yes    boxed                   
06801    Rolls    Yes    boxed                   
06901    DB5    Yes    boxed                   
07001    DB5    Yes    boxed                   
07101    AMC Hatchback    Yes    boxed                   
07201    Tanker    Yes    boxed                   
07501    Vanquish    Yes    boxed                   
07601    XKR    Yes    boxed                   
danbury mint                                
gold db5 1;18    boxed                           
silver db5 1;18                               
vanquish 1;12    boxed                           
bmw 1;12     boxed                           
chrome db5    boxed                           
vanquish 1;12    boxed                           
bmw 1;12    boxed                           
corgi juniors jaws van                               
corgi citroen 2cv boxed                               
range rover with horse box and plane screen missing on the plane                                
corgi 96655 db5 boxed                               
k.bkids.com db5 boxed                                
lotus sub                               
amc hornet                               
bmw dealaship                               
bike    boxed                           
z8    boxed                           
750il    boxed                           
mini of all 3 z8 z3 750                               
touring car 320i                               
40th anniversay                               
vanquish     boxed                           
db5    boxed                           
collectables magazine                               
toyota 2000gt    boxed                           
Collection        The Definitive Collection                       
REF    Make    Got                       
65002    Lotus    Yes    boxed                   
05701    Merc    Yes    boxed                   
04901    Z3    Yes    boxed                   
65102    Toyota    Yes    boxed                   
05001    Z8    Yes    boxed                   
02101    Mustang    Yes    boxed                   
04601    Gyrocopter    Yes    boxed                   
04305    DB5    Yes    boxed                   
04801    Volante    Yes    boxed                   
04701    Lotus Turbo    Yes    boxed                   
05101    750 i    Yes    boxed                   
85701    2CV                           
04001    Space Shuttle 6                           
04101    Helicopter                           
04401    moonbuggy                           
06101    Bus                           
06401    Taxi                           
99106    Film Canister    Yes    boxed                   
     BMW Z8 & Diorama    Yes    boxed                   
ICF04141    James Bond 007 - Blofeld August 2000 (Sold Out)                            boxed
ICF04151    James Bond 007 - Odd Job August 2000 (Sold Out)                            boxed
ICF04161    James Bond 007 - Jaws August 2000 (Sold Out)                            boxed
ICF04171    James Bond 007 - Drax August 2000 (Sold Out)                            boxed
ICF04011    James Bond 007 - Sean Connery 1999 (Sold Out)                            boxed
ICF04012    James Bond 007 - Sean Connery White Tux Limited Edition April 2000 (Sold Out)                            boxed
ICF04021    James Bond 007 - Honey Rider 1999 (Sold Out)                            boxed
ICF04031    James Bond 007 - Dr No 1999 (Sold Out)                            boxed
ICF04101    Bond Diorama with Bond (Connery), Dr No and Honey Rider July 2000 (Sold Out)                            boxed
ICF04042    James Bond 007 - Roger Moore Tan Suit Limited Edition. April 2000 (Sold Out)                            boxed
ICF04041    James Bond 007 - Roger Moore 1999 (Sold Out)                            boxed
ICF04042    James Bond 007 - Roger Moore Tan Suit Limited Edition. April 2000 (Sold Out)                            boxed
ICF04051    James Bond 007 - Scaramanga 1999 (Sold Out)                            boxed
ICF04061    James Bond 007 - Mary Goodnight 1999 (Sold Out)                            boxed
ICF04101    Bond Diorama with Bond (Connery), Dr No and Honey Rider July 2000 (Sold Out)                            boxed
ICF04071    James Bond 007 - Pierce Brosnan September 1999 (Sold Out)                            boxed
ICF04081    James Bond 007 - Natalya Simonova September 1999 (Sold Out)                            boxed
ICF04091    James Bond 007 - Agent 006 (Sean Bean) September 1999 (Sold Out)                            boxed
ICF04181    James Bond 007 - M April 2001 (Sold Out)                            boxed
ICF04191    James Bond 007 - Q May 2001 (Sold Out)                            boxed
ICF04201    James Bond 007 - Moneypenny 2001 (Sold Out)                            boxed
ICF04111    James Bond 007 - Elektra August 2000 (Sold Out)                            boxed
ICF04121    James Bond 007 - Pierce Brosnan August 2000 (Sold Out)                            boxed
ICF04131    James Bond 007 - Zukovsky August 2000 (Sold Out)                            boxed
autoart 1;18
db5 with weapons
db5 no weapons
bmw z8
lotus esprit sub
lotus esprit
lotus esprit turbo
toyota 2000gt

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Re: james bond

Hells Bells, you don't ask for much do you ajb007/insane   ajb007/biggrin



Re: james bond

Normally I'd want to see a collection first hand and charge an appraisal fee but since the list is almost all Corgi and all from with the last five years, it's pretty straight-forward.

The special edition ICONs are worth a few hundred US dollars each, same for the Danbury DB5s. Some of the other ICONs could fetch as much as US$ 50. Problem is, the rest probably isn't even worth what you paid retail for; alot of the Corgis are on eBay at half what they were when they hit the market; even the Kyoshos haven't retained their value.

In another twenty years or so you might be able to recover your original investment, assuming they're all MIB and stay that way (the list is a little hard to interpret; guessing it came from Word or Excell but lost all the tabs in the process).

You're not going to have much luck liquidating it as a block; too much of it is already available steeply discounted from a good many sources. You're best bet would be to sell-off the true limited editions on your own through eBay. There are some dealers who would be interested but you're only going to realize a percentage.

As for the balance, you could shop them around to dealers (but you aren't going to get much of anything), try putting batches on eBay (1 more desirable model with 3-5 not so desirable ones)--though, again, you're not going to get much--or give the lot to charity and take the write-off.


Re: james bond

hey wilky007 are you looking to sell the  vanquish 1;12 boxed (danbury mint edition) i maybe interested???