Topic: Goldeneye Lone Star set for sale

I have a complete set of Goldeneye Lone Star items for sale, made in 1995. All items are MOC and never used or opened. All items have a card with the Goldeneye teaser poster design on it (Brosnan holding gun):
-    Walter PPK Goldeneye
-    Gun holster with Goldeneye design on package
-    Handcuffs with Goldeneye design on blisterpackage
-    Large firing caps with Goldeneye design, with 300 firing caps on blister package.
-    2 small firing caps packages: both with different Goldeneye signs. One with Brosnan's face from teaser poster and one with a large 007 like on the teaser poster. Both on blister package with 100 firing caps on each blister package.

If you are interested then just send me an email. Greetings


Re: Goldeneye Lone Star set for sale


Do you still have the gun and holster for sale?

If so, do you have any pictures of the items and how much do you want for them??

Kind regards