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There is a game named Timesplitters Future Perfect (for Xbox) which is made by Free Radical (a previous rare team involved in Goldeneye 007. This is a great FPS with a mapmaker option.

here are mi questions:
1. have you played?
2. (the important one) have you any Goldeneye 007 related map?


Re: Timesplitters 007

I love the TimeSplitters series of games in general, and yes I have all of them (including FP), and no, I did not think about making a Goldeneye 007 style map, good idea, though.


Re: Timesplitters 007

i have timesplitters 2 for xbox, i have heard there are ways of using the map maker to creat goldeneye levels, iwould love o try it but i fear i dont have the patience, i can if someone did do this then it would be very basic asthere is only a certain amount ofspace and objects you can include when creating maps with this game

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Re: Timesplitters 007

I have the second and third TimeSplitters games on the Box of X - I think they are great games. It would have been better again if Free Radical themselves had re-created some of the classic GoldenEye levels for the game.

I hadn't thought of using mapmaker to create GoldenEye-like maps myself, but I did once make a level similar to the Bunker level, where you have to escape a jail cell.

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