Topic: A Question about accessing past posts


I love the site, though I was wondering if there is a way possible for a poster to access all of their previous posts?

Would this be something people would be interested in doing if not possibnle?


Re: A Question about accessing past posts

By the search box up top is a advanced section. In the advanced section you can find your posts by typing in your user name in the second section. I just did this recently though and found a problem. At the bottom of the page it showed I should of had 3 pages and 50 topics. But when I went to go to page 2, the error page came up. Hope this helps you some.

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Re: A Question about accessing past posts

There's lots of topics on here about this and they all end roughly with Mr Martini's root.

That method is the method, unfortunatley it is floored, a) it's limited to x posts and b) it doesn't actually return all the posts and I've still to work out why.

Just because it doesn't find them doesn't mean they aren't there, which is why it's confusing me... ajb007/mad