Topic: Deadfall

I hope I am posting this in the right place and not duplicating.

Just catching a film on TV today called Deadfall.
It stars Michael Caine as an alcoholic cat burgler.  The film locations, sets and acting are great.  The music is very background-Bond sounding....well heeeellllo, it is John Barry and he has a part in the film as a......tada...Conductor.  Vladeck Sheybal (FRWL), the chess player is in this movie too as a doctor.  Plenty of cocktail drinking and intrigue.  It didn't get good reviews...but who cares.


Re: Deadfall

I saw the film years ago, and Barry music apart wasn't too impressed (I read the book, too, and was even less impressed).

Now, the music! The main theme "My Love Has Two Faces" is very Bondian (with John Barry and Shirley Bassey, how could it not be?) and parts of the score (especially "The Meeting") are too. The jewel in the crown, though, is "Romance For Guitar And Orchestra", an extended piece which functions superbly both as background music and in its own right. JB's "acting" part as conductor ices the cake- and he appears a bit more prominently than in TLD!