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For those of you who read "The NEW Big Book of Questions" in the trivia forum, you know what this is for.  As for others:  This is the place for NON MEMBERS of the committee to chat about the Big Book of Questions.  Please do not post anything in the thread in the trivia forum, that is for teh members of the committee and I to discuss production for the Book and game.  Remember, if you have a question about the game (and you are NOT a member), ask it here and I will reply.


Thank you and enjoy.

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Man I'm really annoyed about that, I would have LOVED to be on the committee! I just couldn't sign into the site for a while so I missed my chance!

How's it going? Everything's running smoothly I hope! If you're planning on doing another Big Book of _____ please will you notify me so that I could join in?!

Anyway bye for now!

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No problem!  We are doing it annualy.  Oh, if you want to work with us on another project, PM DFXX with this message:

"I would like to join the other committee. carver97 has informed me.  If you are unsure what I am speaking of, refer to the PM you sent him about your new game.  If you are still confused, PM carver97 and ask him what I mean.

Thank you,
your name here

He will then tell you all you need to do.


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Hopefully I will also be able to get on one of your committees soon! I really wanted to take part in the last one, as I was sent a PM by one of the committee members ( I believe it was you carver97!) But because of my workload in the Air Force, I was unable to commit to the hours I would have needed!


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Kewl you're in the air force. I want to join the Air Cadets and learn to fly, but I wouldn't want to be in the Air Force.

Anyway, I'd just like to know what I will be doing on this other committee before I volunteer myself! I'm sure you understand!

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I'll send you a PM, as DFXX wants it to lay low for a while.


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Well I replied! Thanks for all that!

Hows the BBOQ coming along by the way? Is it going to be good? Will you publish it!?

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Yep, we're getting there.  I'd say it might be published the first week of Spetmeber or the week before.  I don't know yet as I am still missing two sets of film questions and four people's acknowledgments.  We might start early on the 2005 edition (late October maybe) in time to publish it for January 2005, then start 2006's in Oct '05 for Jan '06, etc, etc... 

We'll also be doing small things along the way..so don't worry about waiting an entire year if you want to do it again.


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PS:  I'd LOVE to have a lot more writers for the 05 edition.  The reason I only allowed 6 last time was because I wasn't sure whether or not I'd be able to handle more than that.

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Sorry about that Carver97.  I just popped in one day  to see what it was, saw the link, liked it, and replied without reading anything else. But, it looks great!.  I might be interested in helping out next time too.


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It's not a problem jbfreak.  I'm glad you want to help us next time.  I'm trying to get as many writers as possible so we each can do one film.  That way it won't be so confusing.  I'm hoping to get the book done within the next week or two so be on the lookout for it.  I'm also getting my website up and running soon, and I'll be able to post the game's progress on there also.  Well, enjoy the sample file for now.  Maybe I'll spend the money on a Flash compressor and make the game smaller so I can post the progress before I get my site up.  I'll look into it.  Thanks for your interest!


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Hey Everyone!  Our original comittee has fallen to pieces since I've been gone.  DFXX has been banned, and Dr. J No is missing. 

Anyone here still interested?  PM me or post here and we'll get you in right away.


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Dear jbFreak, JediMaster, and Naomi_Fan_1

I would like to offer each of you a position on the new committee for the Big Book of Questions.  Each of you would be required to write trivia questions for three James Bond films to contribute to the Big Book of Questions - 2007 Edition.

Please let me know if you are still interested in becoming a part of something that will have all of AJB excited and asking for more. ajb007/wink

If I do not recieve a post here by Friday, December 1st, 2006, I will PM you (in case you haven't checked on the Chat Room in a while).


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Hey Carver, I'd be glad to help as much as I can.  Sorry I haven't been around much but I've been busy with some school and stuff, most of which I am done with now, so let me know what you need me to do so I can get back in the loop of the goings on around here.  Let me know!:)


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I'm bit new, and don't know much about this, but it looks pretty cool.


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This is perfect!

Because jbfreak and s96024 have both expressed interest, that leaves me to fill the final two writer positions--- which leave me with JediMaster and Naomi_Fan 1 --- and if my counting skills are up to par, that is two!

This was easier than I thought ajb007/wink


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Hey everyone!  We're short one writer!  If anyone is interested, please let me know here and we'll get you in ASAP!