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I was at Toys 'R Us today looking for a copy of Rainbow Six: Vegas and by pure dumb luck, about 50 Wii's and 50 PS3's went on sale right as I was getting in line to pay for my game. I had both consoles literally in my hands and was sorely tempted to get both of them but decided to only get a Wii as I still think there's no software for the PS3 that's worth the $600 pricetag for the console.

As to some first impressions:

- The Wii is positively tiny; about the size of an external CD-ROM drive for a PC. It's also very quiet and incorporates a motorized DVD tray.

- Setting it up is pretty much automatic: plug it into your TV, attach the sensor bar, power it up,  it configures itself with your wireless network automatically and downloads some updates (again automatically) and you're good to go.

- The Wiimote works quite well with games that consist of simple movements like swinging a club or tennis racket. It can also be quite sensitive to the degree of movement. While playing the Golf minigame, it was able to distinguish between long arcing swings and short putting movements (though it takes quite a bit of practice to get proficient). You can also get a pretty good workout flailing about with the Wiimote and nunchuck attachment. I played the boxing minigame for about 5 minutes and worked up a bit of a sweat. If nothing else, this might actually get people off their couches and moving around a bit.

- The minigames on the enclosed Wii Sports DVD all control well but still have a measure of challenge to them. Still, they don't seem to hold my interest for long. After playing each game a few times, I quickly wanted to move on to try something else.

- Graphically the games look OK at best; after playing around with the Wii for about an hour I popped in Rainbow 6: Vegas for the Xbox 360 and the difference in graphical quality, sharpness, and complexity was night and day.

Overall I'm pleased with the hardware but I still think the Wiimote control scheme will only work with games that focus on pretty standard arm movements like tennis, golf or baseball. Mapping the control schemes of more traditional games to the Wiimote could complicate the gameplay and actually make it less fun.


Re: Pricing for Nintendo's Wii console and games confirmed

You lucky... How do you manage to accidentally find 50 Wiis and PS3s?


Re: Pricing for Nintendo's Wii console and games confirmed

Nightshooter wrote:

You lucky... How do you manage to accidentally find 50 Wiis and PS3s?

Like I said Night, it was pure dumb luck; right place at the right time. I wasn't looking for it and I wasn't even going to pick it up; my brother pushed me into getting it ( that way when he buys another expensive Bond collectible he'll have a clear conscience ajb007/smile ).

The hard part was walking away from the PS3. Even though I said I didn't want one and there's not much software for it and it costs $600 it's very tempting when you see that shiny box right in front of you. Besides, 0064 would have taken a nutty if I'd gotten it; it would have almost made the investment worthwhile. ajb007/wink

Either way, I still think the Xbox 360 is the better console by far. It has the best range of fun software, fantastic graphics, and just good overall bang for the buck. The Wii is clearly a secondary system for me.

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