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Casino Royale has put Bond back on the critical acclaim map. Though bonds box office appeal has never been in question, despite the awful DAD it still made millions for Eon.

the question is where does bond go now?

I would like to see the tone of CR carried through to the next film, CR realy struck a cord with me, I thinlk it has the ability like mny of the great Bond films to be timelss. My appologies if this has already been confirmed, I do hope Campbell returns to do 22. It obvious looking at his two entries to the series that he get's bond and understands the nature of the beast.

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I agree 100%.  Craig is terrific in the role. He plays 007 as he was meant to be played.  I sincerely hope this spirit carries on to Bond 22 and beyond.  It is so refreshing to see a James Bond who doesn't have to rely on laser beam wristwatches, invisible cars or rocket launchibg ski poles.  The taut pace, the sudden violence, the casual cruelty of the man, his soft center, his vulnerability, his scarring, all point to a James Bond that I believe Ian Fleming would like.
Long live Daniel Craig as 007.-{


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Keep the raw masculinity that Craig brings to the role, allowing him to be a bit more refined as time goes on.


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Gassy Man wrote:

Keep the raw masculinity that Craig brings to the role, allowing him to be a bit more refined as time goes on.

I think this is the tack they'll take...I'm looking forward to what they decide to do with a more 'complete' (or 'established') Craig-Bond character---and how they'll continue to develop him, hopefully keeping Craig interested along the way...

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I enjoy good films. I enjoy charactor based films, I enjoy emotional films (like The Green Mile, World Trade Center ect ect), I enjoy feel good films (IMHO The Rocky films), and yes I even enjoy the occasional chick flick (ie The Devil Wears Prada or w/e) but only if she is hot enough. I of course as any normal male would say love movie that have gun cars and beautiful women (ie the Bond movies)

I have said all that to make a point. I don't like any on kind, or genre for that matter, of film. I enjoy a wide variety. Of course the Bond films have always been in one group for as long as they have been around. But with CR it appears to have assimilated another group of films, possible more than one depending on how liberal I feel at the moment of conception. To me the Bond films are finaly doing that they should have started off doing, bieng charactor driven. Bond spends alot of time on screen no doubt, but this time round they actually put it to good use, we get to know him. I came away from CR (all 5 times) with the feeling that after 8 years of bieng a Bond fan (I'm only 19) I finally have "seen" Bond, I understand Bond. Before I saw the things he did and never wondered why, why because he is Bond, its just what he does ("I'm Batman, its what I do", same idea), its normal. Now I understand the things he does, maybe not completely mind you, but more so than I did.

I am sinceraly hoping that they will continue to progress down this line of film making and continue to make Bond a charactor driven film, rather than just soley an action film. No don't get me wrong if they don't I'll still be a bond fan and CR will just be that much more special to me, and if they do, I think it will garentee success for the Bond films for generations to come. IMHO


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I doubt very much that EON will change the style for Bond 22, CR has been their most succsesfull Bond Film to date so If I was incharge of EOn productions I know what I'd do, continue down this new path and see where it takes Bond.


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Babs & Mickey took a gamble with Casino Royale by re-booting the franchise and by hiring Daniel Craig. It's paid off handsomely with a generally very positive response from the fans and critics alike. So why, (after taking such a successful gamble) would B&M wan't to make anything other than minor adjustments to the style and tone of Bond 22?


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daniel craig isn't the type of actor who would want bond to go anywhere but in the same direction started with casino royale, so for the next two films expect much of the same ... reality-based character-driven scripts filled with exciting action sequences and down-to-earth brutal violence.

not a bad direction to head in ....


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Well, all they have to do is introduce a gimmick laden car in the 3rd film of DC's and it will all go downhill from there


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I think the Bond film should continue in pretty much the same style as bond22. Perhaps Bond will get more sophisticated, but the core of the man must stay the same. DAF has its flaws, but I think some elements from that movie can be an inspiration. The way Bond singleminedly seeks revenge on SPECTRE can be eccoed in Bond 22.
Also the relation(s) to women is right. They are mostly shallow "entertainment", and no-one pretends otherwise. Sometimes they have common interests to Bond, so they for a shaky alliance. This is how Bond should be in the future.