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Re: Roger Michell Cites Script

"The Death Collector"

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Re: Roger Michell Cites Script

The Death Collector, sounds like a bad film starring Mel Gibson or Arnie or something. ajb007/biggrin


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highhopes wrote:
Loeffelholz wrote:
Predator wrote:

...P&W ran out of ideas during TWINE ... CR relied on Fleming's genius, my recommendation for P&W would be to throw all of their concepts out of the window.

Quite right.  Following CR (a Fleming adaptation) is going to be tough enough, IMRO.  I certainly hope they're not going to turn their back on source material now, simply because all the titles have been used...

My hope is that they would dig through the Fleming books---beginning with LALD---for unused elements (the broken finger, the parking garage violence, a fortune in lost pirate treasure, etc) and build upon what they find...of course, it's probably too late for that  ajb007/crap

Still, it's very early in the game for #22, and my optimism, re: CR was rewarded far too handsomely to abandon it now...

I think we also have to remember that before CR, P&W and the whole Eon team had to conform to the almighty Formula. That can be a straitjacket sometimes. You either have to take a square peg of an idea and force it into the round hole, or never allow yourself the creativity to even think in terms of square pegs at all: the formula was limiting in terms of what was and wasn't acceptable in a Bond film. Hopefully, that's gone now. Given those built-in limitations, P&W's pre-CR outings may not -- I emphasize the "may" not -- reflect what they can actually do when unfettered by tradition.

I'll agree with this.For years the Bond films pretty much adhered to a strict formula.Casino Royale departed from that in many ways.In spirit and tone it harkens back to the earlier character driven Bond films like From Russia With Love and On Her Majesty's Secret Service.However, I doubt that this change in style can be attributed  entirely to Paul Haggis' polishing of the Purvis/Wade screenplay.

I know that whenever I think who'd be the very best man to work on a script for a James Bond film, the creator of "Who's The Boss" and "The Facts of Life" and the co-creator of Lone Wolf McQuade--er,I mean,"Walker, Texas Ranger"--immediately leaps to mind....:v

Seriously,Eon's apparently happy with what P&W have done for them and they seem to trust these writers to continue contributing to the series--or they'd have long since replaced P&W.I can't imagine Purvis and Wade's screenplay for CR was somehow so inept that it required extensive revisions by another hand--even if he'd recently won an Academy Award.Haggis himself has said that what he did with the CR screenplay wasn't a radical overhaul of Purvis and Wade's work, and I'm inclined to believe him.

Let's be fair.Writing a James Bond movie that'll please as many people as possible can't be an easy task for anyone.

Anyway,hopefully Mr.Michell didn't expect to get one of those special credits like "A Film By..." with Bond 22 because that's never going to happen with a James Bond movie.These are all producer motion pictures.There's only one star at Eon-and that's the James Bond character.

In all honesty,I suspect that Bond 22 simply turned out to be a bigger and much more involved project than Mr.Michell had originally anticipated and that's the reason he departed.

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I agree with WG completely here. Paul Haggis whilst obviously being a talented scriptwriter has been feted as the responsible person for the "reboot" (anyone else hate that term?) with no thought that P&W had any input.

I for one remember that it was Michael Wilson who wanted the films to go more back to basics at the beginning of the Dalton era. As I understand it he wanted to tell the story of Bonds first days in the service (much as CR has done) so I think we should remember that a Bond script has input from all sorts of sources.

I also agree that writing a script that pleases everyone is impossible. (As a quick peruse of this site and the various opinions therein demonstrates!)

My guess is that whoever does come on board to replace Mr Michell will probably also bring some kind of script doctor too (a la Richard Donner bringing in Tom Mankiewicz to Superman).