Re: Question regarding Plot


If I am understanding you correctly, I appreciate the disappointment fans of PB and RM feel.

It was in. that the elegant oo7 fully emerged, gliding through the Gypsy camp fight, cracking a head here - shooting Bulgars at 50 feet from the hip - all without a single (non-toupee) hair out of place. That Bond was polished even more in Goldfinger, and has been the model for all Bonds since, except with the noticable "bump" that was TD.

For me the formula got very tired, the plots too fantastic, while PB had a fair start in GE, he became too "Mooreish" for me ... and I refused  to see his last two films in the theatre - after being a Bond fan since 1963!

For me CR 06 was a fine return to something akin to the original Bond, as a breath of fresh air. DC doesn't have the literary's swarthy pirate look, but he has blue eyes and looks tough.

I hope that "traditional" fans can give DC a chance to show some "arc" in the Bond charecter - see him grow into the polished agent you so love.

Getting the thread back on track, the "plot holes" can be explained, and although this is out of charecter for a Bond film it was not as blatent as a Kubrick film.