Topic: Bombmaker Chase Scene Mistake

I don't know if this has been mentioned before, but in the scene where bond chases the bombmaker around the construction yard, something happens mysteriously.

At the middle of the chase, the bombmaker jumps from a girder onto a load of [plastic] pipes suspeneded from the crane and climbs up the cable. Bond however, uses a quicker method of getting and jumps on top of the blue block and ejects the hook along with the load of pipes which jetisons him up to the top of the crane. NOTE THE EJECT THE HOOK.

Moments later, when the two fight it out on top of the cranes, the red hook has reappeared attached the block ajb007/confused

hmm... interesting, anyone else noticed this?


Re: Bombmaker Chase Scene Mistake

nope, but fire that continuity women!!

The name's Bond_James_Bond


Re: Bombmaker Chase Scene Mistake

I didn't notice cause I was, and still am, far too impressed by the stunts in that sequence, but now I had better go look!