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Who else thinks the bond reboot was a bad idea



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not me


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Why? It totally screwed up the bond timeline



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I don't (or should I say didn't) have a problem with the reboot per se, I just wish Judi Dench wasn't in CR. However, I take some solace in the idea that (if there is some ephemeral timeline) that Miles Messervy eventually replaces Dench's M (due to incompetence) and gets MI6's 'house in order' - laying the foundation for his line in DN: 'since I've been in charge there's been a 70% drop in 00 casualties and I intend to keep it that way'

(BTW I may have remembered the percentage incorrectly in my quote. Apols in advance)


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No - I'm all for it.

Care to tell us why you don't like the reboot idea, Sweepy The Cat ?

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There was no need to reboot it. When the series got a breath of fresh air in FYEO it wasn't a reboot so why now? It seems cast out from the outhers being so spesific with dat ect. It should have been left how it was.



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cause they couldnt goanyfurther with what they did in Die Another Day, they pushed Bond to the limit and they had to go back to the start,with no invisable cars,big space lasers,or superman 007


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the reboot was perfectly fine. I for one am GLAD they finally did Casino Royale officially.

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Producer Michael Wilson has explained on more than one occasion that both he and his half-sister Barbara Broccoli felt that after Die Another Day,they'd taken James Bond about as far as he could go.Their decision was to take 007 completely back to basics and in effect,begin an entirely different James Bond series starting with Casino Royale.For all intents and purposes the previous films(Dr.No-Die Another Day) belong to another 007 series altogether.

Like Darenhat,the only complaint I have with Casino Royale is that Dame Judi Dench still played M.I like Judi,but since Casino Royale now represents Bond's first mission as 007,his commanding officer should really be Admiral Sir Miles Messervy--the original M.Surely the return of this character would have helped to prevent some of the confusion Eon created when they chose to retain Dame Judi.


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I thought the reboot was necessary myself: Bond had become old, stale, mirthless, and non-lethal.  Craig's Bond in CR was young, fresh, witty, and very deadly from the get-go.  Also think changing the CR storyline to accomodate a regular Bond would've altered what makes it rather unique in the Bond canon.  Not convinced that CR would've worked as just another Bond story, maybe, but much prefer the reset.

Dench didn't bother me, probably because she did kinda bother me in the Brosnan Bonds, and in CR she seemed to fit.


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Hi gus! after all the disagreements I'vedecided tyo take CR for what it is. I will be soon adding it to my top 21.



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Sweepy the Cat wrote:

I will be soon adding it to my top 21.

Makes you wonder where it was before. . .

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haha wow sweepy your merciful, CR wasnt even on your list? im pretty sure it was better then that