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Hello everybody.

I've been reading here for a while and decided to join to chat to you all.

I've noticed you're all very knowledgeable about all matters 007 and I've seen a few references to Bond having a Special Forces connection in CR. I've obviously missed that and just wondered where it came from ?




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If you go on to the Official Casino Royale site, there is a downloadable dossier of James Bonds career, plus evalations.  In that, it states that he served a period of time in the SBS (Special Boat Service).



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For those of us who are not so familiar with the UK armed forces, maybe someone can explain the mission of the SBS.

Hope it's not chipp'in paint off HM yacht!!!


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Pretty much the same as your Navy SEALS.  They are responsible for most of the stuff the SAS gets credit for ajb007/mad



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Thanks guys. I'd thought it came from the film and wondered how I'd missed it, thanks for clarifying that.

I'll see if the dossier is still available to read. I'm assuming that it's been created for the marketing of CR, its not based on Fleming material ?



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You can find it on 007.com under 'dossier'.


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Back when this dossier was on the CR website, I transcribed it and made it into a PDF file.  Anybody who wants a copy---just send me a PM with your email address   ajb007/cheers

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I think the SBS is an apt update to Bond's role and capacity in WWII in naval intelligence, though the SBS was formed then, just as the SAS was (which in turn was subsequently desolved and then reactivated).  The SBS in WWII were actually very similar to the commando activities carried out by Fleming's 30 Assault Unit, particularly by the covert MO of their missions, vs. the more prominent raiding done by the Army and Marine Commando.  I think giving Bond an SAS background would have been cheap and exploitive storytelling and I like how Bond has been portrayed as different and at times in competion w/the SAS.

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