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It wouldn't surprise me for Craig's Bond to utilize May...and I don't think it's a stretch. As an individual who spends a lot of time traveling, it makes sense to have someone tend to the house. One thing I don't want to see is Bond doing his laundry, squirting stain remover with dead-eye accuracy on the blood spots of his starched shirt. May's presence would be perfectly explicable, given the fact the Bond doesn't have time to deal with these things himself, and isn't going to trust just anybody to do it.

Doesnt Bond just buy new clothes when an item gets ruined ie blood stains.


Re: Bond's Scottish Treasure

I will always maintain that, if done properly (i.e., not a cartoonishly direct transplantation from the books, but rather a modernized reinterpretation), May can add both character insight and a bit of humour to the Craig Era...personally, if I were Bond I'd gladly have someone to deal with the details and fix my egg just as I like it   ajb007/bond   Is it unrealistic? Anachronistic?  Maybe, I don't know---who cares?  It's a James Bond film... ajb007/martini   

I must admit, the rekindled curiosity and/or hostility for this old chestnut is amusing---however, as I've read somewhere that Barbara Broccoli herself has dismissed the notion, it's all a moot point, sadly.

But I still want to see Bond's morning regimen on film; it would be worth a couple of minutes.

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