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if anyone remembers the bathroom fight scene in CR Bond is using a ppk i believe like with most police that the ppk became his off duty weapon because I dont believe that the capture of Mr.White was a mi6 sanctioned mission i believe Bond went on a private vandetta. reguarding the vest and watch etc. the vest could easily have been taken off because we dont actually know what happens between Bond shooting him and the car chase in quantum, however if its even somewhat like the game he could have taken it off in the journey from white back to the aston martin. The watch, i just rewatched cr and i noticed you really dont see the watch at the end of the movie so it could be possible that he switched between venice and mr. whites, i mean he changed clothes right?, the weight could be from the depression bond could just not be eating since vesper just died i mean he didnt sleep im sure that didnt help any so this is my view on these topics i believe them somewhat valid but you never really know anybody do you?

The answer is: 2 year gap + new costume designer + new clothing lable (Tom Ford)= bad continuity. Its as simple as that.


Re: what happened to that vest?

Is it really so much of a stretch to assume that more than 15 minutes existed between films? Nobody here is asking where the new Aston Martin came from, after all.

End of CR - Bond shoots White in the leg.

He then either questions him for a while, or tosses White in the boot of White's own car (that is to say, the Aston belonged to Mr. White) while he fished around the property for information. At some point he removes his vest, perhaps as a makeshift tourniquet for White, or simply because he's warm. He helps himself to White's very nice Omega wristwatch, because why the hell not? White won't need to tell time where he's headed anyway, and this guy was responsible for Vesper's death, and Bond is pretty ruthless...

He unscrewed the silencer from the HK in the beginning of the car chase, off-screen, because it adds too much to the length of the firearm to allow it to be wielded in the automobile.

You can complain about lazy screenwriting, sure - but you could also use an ounce or two of imagination to quite reasonably explain a few minor, silly details.


Re: what happened to that vest?

You could argue that the suit's vest was removed by Bond at some point between the movies (although QoS never explains exactly why it is missing), but the complete change of wardrobe is almost impossible to explain. The suit itself is completely different, along with the shirt, tie, & shoes. As several other posters have said, I honestly just chalk this up to poor continuity between films, with no plausible "in-movie" explanation.


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Craigs Huge Manly chest Expanded and ripped it apart, Rather like the Hulk.

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Yeah, it is pretty simple. I am sure someone in production thought about it, but it was more important to please the designer (Tom Ford) who was paying big bucks + offering free tailored customs for Craig. In an exclusive deal like that, you can't say, "Well you can be exclusive except for the opening of the movie..."


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Continuity is one of the most demanding and unrecognised jobs on any film set. They are responsible for keeping an eye on absolutely everything from one camera angle and take to another and keep bulging binders full of copious notes and lots of photos. I honestly don't know how they do it and they deserve every penny they get. But, for all my sympathy, I still get frustrated when they miss something...like when Bond's shirt collar keeps popping in and out of his jacket during his chat with M!