Re: Academy award nominations for Skyfall

Moore Than wrote:

Skyfall has received four nominations at this years MTV Movie Awards, which takes place on the 14th April. Rather than just celebrating films that are critically acclaimed, the awards recognise big box office films and those that may have been overlooked at the Oscars.

Skyfall's four nominations are as follows.

Best Shirtless Performance - Daniel Craig
Best Fight - Daniel Craig v Ola Rapace
Best WTF Moment - "Oops... There Goes His Face" - Javier Bardem
Best Villain - Javier Bardem

Django Unchained and Ted top MTV award nominations

No joy for Skyfall at the MTV Movie Awards. The Avengers wins three prizes, including Movie of the Year.

MTV Movie Awards 2013: List of winners
http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-207_162-575 … f-winners/

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Re: Academy award nominations for Skyfall

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