Topic: Is Eve a Double-O (SPOILER)

Do I still need to put SPOILER I wonder??

Anyway, I have been watching SKYFALL again this weekend and was wondering if Eve Moneypenny was a double-O.  He's my case for...

1.  Double O agents have a licence to kill, which Eve certainly attempted to do in the PTS.
2.  She uses a Walther PPK.
3.  She works for M.

OK, so that's it.  Thoughts anyone, a field agent yes, but another double O?  What do others feel??


Re: Is Eve a Double-O (SPOILER)

She's a rookie field agent.  Not a double-O, far from it.  All SIS employees work for M.



Re: Is Eve a Double-O (SPOILER)

Aye, but has she had 'two kills'? She hasn't even one to her name.

If she's shot Patrice on the second bounce, she could have been made a double O there and then! Assuming Bond was dead. Mind you on coming back, she'd have her double o revoked!   ajb007/lol

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Re: Is Eve a Double-O (SPOILER)

She was a rookie Field agent and ended up a secretary.


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