Re: Can not access site on 3G or 4G

Thanks Bondtoys!


Re: Can not access site on 3G or 4G

Bondtoys wrote:

just received a call from my internet provider:

Apparently the problem is on AJBs server site.
Some domains block off entire ip groups (e.g. because of spam) and thus some of the good guys get blocked out as well.

It takes some time until the blocking is more refined automatically.
Hope that all this makes sense.

Yes, that does make sense....but I did check that out with yourself and a couple of others....I only went back two days before the issues were noticed, obviously no point in going back further....but I couldn't see a link at all....there is one other way we use to try and ban them - but its more an 'inconvenience' to them....but it does help...but that wasn't the culprit either....


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