Topic: I'm perfect for Bond game.

Whenever a new actor lands the role of Bond, the film makers publicly dept
Always " Spins " their achievements, and past experience as to why they are
Perfect for the role.
So would anyone want a go at writing one paragraph, " spun"  to show why
You as the new 007 are just brilliant for it.  ajb007/biggrin
Then a second paragraph stating the truth.  ajb007/lol    My example ;

It's almost as if TP was living his life in preparation for the role of James Bond.
A skill martial artist and keen driver, he seemed the perfect choice. His experience
as an award winning photographer, hiking for miles over rough terrain, to get to
the exact spot, shows almost military determination and survival skills.

The a truth ?
I was big into martial arts ( about 25 years ago ) ,I drive for work and pleasure but
Never on a track ( apart from go karts ). As for hiking etc for the perfect photo. I'm
a very lazy photographer so, as long as it's near a car park , I might stroll over to it  ajb007/lol

Anyone else want a go ?  ajb007/lol


Re: I'm perfect for Bond game.

ajb007/lol  ajb007/lol  ajb007/lol
the film world had almost over looked (AS) for the part of Bond , with his impressive
back ground of Karate,boxing ,judo, and an unpaid volounteer life guard, this 6ft 1 blonde haired blue eyed policeman
was the automatic choice , bringing with him a parallel Bond  taste in clothing, cigars, Brandy,  fois gras , to name a few,

the real truth,

this  over weight 50 plus balding  sad git ,who spends his waking  hours ( I said waking  TP not, oh never mind)
communicating with fellow nut cases on the web ,his penchant for internet porn has left him resembling popeye
in the arm dept AS now eakes out a living doing wonderfull farts for live audiances in east end bars

By the way, did I tell you,  I was       "Mad"?


Re: I'm perfect for Bond game.

PMSL!!!  ajb007/lol  ajb007/lol

(Also overweight, 50 plus, communicating with fellow nut cases on the web- though not the rest! I eke out a living singing in Scottish bars)


Re: I'm perfect for Bond game.

When Ian Fleming wrote Casino Royale in 1953 he must have been thinking about Peppermill as an inspiration for his fictional hero. When Peppermill was born 30 years later he immediately started to charm the nurses in the maternity ward in the hospital like Sean Connery in his prime. Now in his early 30’s, considered to be the perfect age to start a career as Bond,  this avid fan of winter sports is the go-to man for the next 50 years of Bond movies.

The truth…. Well I was born 30 years after Casino Royale was published, so that is true…. The rest; not so much  ajb007/lol

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Re: I'm perfect for Bond game.

Like Flemings Charchter born and raised in Scotland, Educated the expsensive way, Fair haired and blue eyed with a face like Rodger Moore and Daniel Craigs love child thrown in with a dry sense of humour with drink problem InternationalExports was not born to play this role he was genetically created to define this role.   ajb007/lol


Re: I'm perfect for Bond game.

ajb007/lol  Nicely put IE.