Re: Skyfall "Most over-rated film of all time"

The Living Daylights wrote:

Skyfall is definitely not over-rated. It's my second favourite Bond film. I absolutely loved it from start 'till finish.

It's the Best Bond film since Goldeneye.
It's in my top five list for pure entertainment level.

“The scent and smoke and sweat of a casino are nauseating at three in the morning. "
-Casino Royale, Ian Fleming


Re: Skyfall "Most over-rated film of all time"

Dracos_Oculist wrote:

I've not posted much here, but having watched Skyfall again on ITV over Christmas find that my initial disappointment with Skyfall has only solidified since.  One of my major gripes is the watering down of the realism of the film since Casino Royale, specifically:

- The plot revolves around a stolen list of intelligence agents.  Not just British agents, but NATO agents. Firstly, why would such a list exist? WHY NOT? HOW ELSE WOULD YOU KNOW WHO IS ON YOUR SIDE? Clearly this is not something to list.  But most of all, why NATO agents???  SEE LAST ANSWER/ LAST I CHECKED, NATO WAS A COOPERATIVE ENTERPRISE.  ALTERNATIVELY, MI6 MAY HAVE FIGURED OUT WHO THE AGENTS WERE BY SPYING ON THE AMERICANS, GERMANS, ITALIANS, ETC.   Why on earth would NATO states provide SIS with a names of their agents? SEE LAST ANSWER.  As these states intelligence agencies have an inbred fear of sharing secrets, its a completely over the top plot strand which could have been more realistic by merely going with a list of British agents instead.

- Secondly, the government inquiry into the activities of the SIS involving the questioning of its head.  Why on earth is this held in public with journalists present??? I DON'T KNOW HOW IT'S DONE IN BRITAIN, BUT IN THE US WHEN CONGRESS HAS A HEARING REGARDING NATIONAL SECURITY, THERE IS A PUBLIC HEARING AND THEN AN EXECUTIVE SESSION THAT'S NOT PUBLIC.  AREN'T THERE ANY PUBLIC HEARINGS IN THE UK AFTER A TERRORIST ATTACK FOR EXAMPLE?   Fair enough that such an inquiry can happen, but why the unrealistic inclusion of a public audience in a discussion of highly classified matters??? THE PUBLIC ALREADY KNOWS ABOUT THE LIST AND THERE WAS NOTHING ELSE TOP SECRET DISCUSSED.  SINCE THE LIST WAS A PUBLIC MATTER, THE PUBLIC DESERVED SOME ANSWERS.  Needless I think. 

- Why on earth was an agent of South American origin operating in Hong Kong of all places?  Wouldn't his intimate knowledge of that region and its languages been more logically utilised in the continent of his birth?  MAYBE HE SPEAKS FLUENT MANDARIN OR CANTONESE.  OR BOTH.

I could go on and mention the weak overall dastardly plot of the master villain. I also overlook the "comedy" inclusion of the Aston's Goldfinger headlight armament (didn't Q say they don't do that anymore?).  THEY DON'T.  THE DB5 WAS TAKEN OUT OF STORAGE BY BOND.  IT'S ALL PART OF THE OLD V. NEW THEME.  Personally, I also thought the final lines of Daniel Craig in the film "with pleasure M...with pleasure" also stunk like over ripe camembert.  The root of all these points are the weak scriptwriting  despite the thrilling action and stunning look of the film.

Just my thoughts.

My experience has been that most people who complain about plot holes in Skyfall obviously weren't paying attention.