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To many, it's of ill repute, but I really enjoyed it.  It's not R&B, classic rock, pop or orchestra as the standard has been.  It's a raw hard-edge industrial EDM.  It's cold, it's dark.  To me, it adds a modern atmosphere to the movie, but also a much more eerie tense atmosphere, distinguishing itself from the others.  No doubt that John Barry was the best composer to grace the Bond series, but not every movie has to follow.  Eric Serra did a great job.

Part of it, I think is a generational difference.  Industrial, by many, is considered to be noise and not music.  But that's exactly what rock n roll was considered both in the distorted electric guitars of the 70's and the frantic acoustic sounds of the 50's.

Definitions of art tend to be more inclusive and tolerant over time, so I'm most likely on the right side of history in saying Serra did the right thing with Goldeneye.


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I think that Barbel will disagree with your words and I do as well.

And you are wrong about classics - in movies and music - and them becoming classics over the time.
In general - a bad movie or piece of music just is just that - what you are speaking about are exceptions.

IMO, Serra's score is uninspired and pointless and that has not changed in the last 20 years!

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Notice I didn't say the word classic.  Classic denotes influence and not necessarily quality.

If Goldeneye had a John Barry style soundtrack, it would've had a more flippant airy mood.


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As predicted by Higgins I do disagree.

However, I'm closing yet another of AC's threads because again I took 30 seconds to find similar threads using the "Search" function,  which I recommend .... again.

In many of these my distaste for the GE score is clear and discussed.