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a cracking read, an essential for bond fans, what does everyone else think?


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I think it has quite a few mistakes in it... At least the dutch version (couldn't find the English version) has. I'm not sure these are errors in the translation or in the original text.

1. Ohmss   2. Frwl   3. Op   4. Tswlm   5. Tld   6. Ge  7. Yolt 8. Lald   9. Cr   10. Ltk   11. Dn   12. Gf   13. Qos   14. Mr   15. Tmwtgg   16. Fyeo   17. Twine   18. Sf   19. Tb   20 Tnd   21. Spectre   22 Daf   23. Avtak   24. Dad


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I was given it for Christmas - I'm enjoying it very much. It has many photographs that I haven't seen before. For me, the main attraction to new Bond books comes from them having illustrations which are not the same old ones repeated over and over. The texts tend to be much of a muchness. I've not seen the old Steven Jay Rubin encyclopedia, so I don't know how it compares but the Cork/Stutz one is great in my view.


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I have just bought a smaller (but still hefty) version of the James Bond Encyclopedia by John Cork and Collin Stutz from Selfridges in the Manchester Trafford Centre. They had a big stack of them for £6 each (RRP £20).


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Interesting, I was not aware of a smaler version of the Encyclopedia. Is it the same content as the bigger version, just scaled down?


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Really ? Will have to pay a visit soon to grab one - thanks for the info  ajb007/martini


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Golrush007 wrote:

Interesting, I was not aware of a smaler version of the Encyclopedia. Is it the same content as the bigger version, just scaled down?

I've never had a proper look at the bigger one, but I think it's the same. There are sections for Bond villains, women, supporting cast, vehicles and equipment. It starts with the same pages from the bigger one, about the different Bond actors and bits about Bond's character and background, and a section at the end has double-page spreads for each film, with production details. The book includes Skyfall, but there is no mention of SPECTRE. For £6 it's a steal.


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Here's a picture of the smaller one, with some other Bond books and SPECTRE on Blu-ray for size comparison purposes (apologies for poor picture quality):



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I would add this to my collection, however I know when Bond 25 is released this encyclopedia will become outdated.
Perhaps if these encyclopedias where confined to each actors portrayal of Bond (once they've left the role) then they could be considered complete.
Some encyclopedias would be larger than others of course, but let's not get into a measuring contest...

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