Topic: SPECTRE: Best & Worst

So, these are different categories to put in the best, and worst, spect of SPECTRE films.

The spectre films are DN, FRWL, TB, YOLT, OHMSS, DAF, CR, QOS and SP. (I'm not including Skyfall as that was more of a revenge for Silva than any gain for Spectre).

....Spectre Film:  Spectre
....Blofeld:   Donald Pleasence
....Villain Plot:   You Only Live Twice
....non - Blofeld Villain:  Denbigh/C
....Henchmen:  Grant
....Bond to face Spectre:   Connery

....Spectre Film:   Dr No
....Blofeld:   Telly Savalas
....Villain Plot:   Diamonds Are Forever
....non - Blofeld Villain:   Largo
....Henchmen:   Vargas/Hans
....Bond to face Spectre:   Lazenby

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Re: SPECTRE: Best & Worst

....Spectre Film:  FRWL
....Blofeld:   Telly Savalas and Donald Pleasance
....Villain Plot:   FRWL
....non - Blofeld Villain:  Rosa Klebb
....Henchmen:  Grant
....Bond to face Spectre:   Connery

....Spectre Film: Casino Royale - though I don't really consider this a SPECTRE film, so either QOS or SP.
....Blofeld:   Christoph Waltz
....Villain Plot:   SPECTRE
....non - Blofeld Villain:   C
....Henchmen:   Prof. Metz
....Bond to face Spectre:   Craig

So many great villains and henchman that work for Blofeld - Largo, Volpe, Dr. No, Dent, Irma Bunt, Osato, Helga, Kronsteen, etc... Really hard to narrow it down to Rosa Klebb and Grant. QOS is the closest we've got to having a proper SPECTRE film in the 21st Century - the Tosca meeting and learning about Vesper's Algerian boyfriend seem very SPECTRE-esque... Mendes SPECTRE could have capitalised on this had it not diluted Blofeld to daddy issues and simple voyeurism. I think the thing with both QOS and SP is that they aren't self contained plots. It seems to be a mere phase in world domination. Controlling Bolivia's water supply is only step one to controlling South America's water supply, and then maybe all other utility companies in order to fund bigger projects. Blofeld's plan in SPECTRE seems to gain access to the security organisations in order to do bigger and badder things in the world later on and not be under surveillance because they'll control it. Gone are the days where warheads are stolen and must be retrieved because otherwise they'll be detonated, or unleashing biological warfare, or starting a war. Those are urgent missions with higher stakes... QOS and SP's aren't... CR is a misfire from the get go so won't go there again.

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