Topic: Bond's suede gun holster!

http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/4 … 8,320_.jpg

These days, I enjoy Bond films for their details more so than for their sweeping story arcs.

Case in point, on of Spectre's highlights is the arrival of Bond at Blofeld's lair. The suit, the girl, the scenery, the dialogue is all perfect and none more so than Bond being asked to hand over his gun on a butler's silver platter.

I loved the holster so much that I went out and bought me one, I believe it's a Vega.

the holster is a thing of beauty and anyone that's gotten a peek of it compliments it highly!  ajb007/cool


Re: Bond's suede gun holster!

I don't have the Vega, though it is a nice holster but I have a very similar buff suede iwb item, looks great with the ppk in it. In fact I've been looking for a silver tray to recreate that shot to use as my avatar  ajb007/smile

It was either that.....or the priesthood


Re: Bond's suede gun holster!

I received my Vega holster a few months ago and like.  It is the very minimum you can have.

Bond: "But who would want to kill me, sir?"
M: "Jealous husbands, outraged chefs, humiliated tailors . . . the list is endless."