Topic: Site Outage (12th of June 2016)

Hey guys,

Doc_Z from the secret behind the scenes cave here.

I just move ajb007 to a different server, sorry for the lack of notice. I didn't give SiCo much either, blame me for that.

But it's all done and everything appears to be good.



Re: Site Outage (12th of June 2016)

Thank you, Doc.


Re: Site Outage (12th of June 2016)

Hey Doc,

Too bad that we've never met!  ajb007/cheers
Thanks for keeping AJB afloat and best wishes

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Re: Site Outage (12th of June 2016)

Thank you very much, Doc_Z. I thought I knew all of the admins on here but obviously not. You must really be from the inner sanctum!  ajb007/lol

Thanks for all the great work that you do behind the scenes on the good ship AJB!  ajb007/smile  ajb007/martini

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Re: Site Outage (12th of June 2016)

I'm not really a forum admin by any definition, though I've been known to make minor bug fixes to the forum code.  ajb007/insane

About 13 years ago I went to the same uni as SiCo, and my services of hosting were pimped out through a mutual friend.

I've run/hosted the equipment it's used ever since. For the most part it's gone pretty fluidly, but as I've got older the time I've had to spend on such things has dropped sadly.

I'm moving the equipment that used to serve AJB007 (it would have be down for 3-4 hours), so it' had to be moved ahead of that. Hence the small outage, I'll need to move the site back to that equipment, but it should be a little smoother.


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Re: Site Outage (12th of June 2016)

Thanks Doc_Z  ajb007/martini  it's comforting  to know there's one backroom  boffin,  keeping us running.  ajb007/smile


Re: Site Outage (12th of June 2016)

Yes we all agree running AJB in your spare time is a thankless task,and im sure every one hear will agree that you do a fantastic job
I for one would have got bored years ago ,and sodded off .

By the way, did I tell you,  I was       "Mad"?