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Good morning, I have added SPECTRE to the favourite films feature, currently it's at the bottom I think it deserves better so get adding it to your list. - You must be logged in to the forum to create / edit your list.

If you don't know what the feature is it's because I haven't finished it or promoted it! However it does work and is live and can be found at http://www.ajb007.co.uk/site/favourite/james-bond-films

You can create a list ranking your favourite James Bond films in order of preference and then compare your list with other users and the overall average.

I must say I am quite surprised by the current top 3 in the overall list, not what I would of expected.  ajb007/martini

As I mentioned I am still working on it (have been for years!!), however I am making an effort to get it finished and linked in with the forum (although that's proving easier said than done!).




Re: Favourite Films - SPECTRE Added

Thanks for the link Simon, I've added my list of favourites.

I was certainly surprised to see The Living Daylights at #1. I think the rest of the link appears to be a fairly typical ranking though.


Re: Favourite Films - SPECTRE Added

Thanks Simon!  ajb007/smile