Topic: Anderson and Low Spectre Sets Book

Just had an email advertising the book below.
Quite expensive, does anyone have it ?
Having seen a lot of these sets first hand whilst building the supporting steel frames
it's nice to be able to show the wife and kids what daddy does for a living.
(There is a strict no photos policy when there , so it's good to see these.
Might take away a bit of the magic for some though  ajb007/tongue

http://www.andersonandlow.com/gallery.h … eoAlbumID=


Re: Anderson and Low Spectre Sets Book

i bought this book a couple of months ago. The best thing about it is that it's really interesting to see how much of the film takes place in specially-built sets, rather than in real locations, and it made me think about the making of the film in a different way. However, it did not take me too long to go through it, and it's not the kind of book I'm going to be looking at often, so I would say that I don't think it's worth the £35 I spent on it. If I was to spend that much on a James Bond book, I think I would put in an extra tenner and get the big Archives book (only problem with that is where I'd keep it because it's huge).


Re: Anderson and Low Spectre Sets Book

The wife got the book as a belated Christmas present and it arrived today.
Looks like she got it for low £20's rather than the rrp.
You are right in saying it doesn't take too long to get through.
Had quite a few pics relative to me, but sadly none of the "clinic"
Still, it wasn't like I paid for it  ajb007/lol