Re: Other (non-obvious) John Barry recommendations

ajb007/biggrin  Then my mission is successful!


Re: Other (non-obvious) John Barry recommendations

Barbel wrote:

No problem there BL- there is no "rest of the soundtrack" for The Adventurer, JB only wrote the theme

Thank you for that tidbit, Barbel. Saved me the trouble of looking for a nonexistent soundtrack album! Really like the theme song, though.

"Felix Leiter, a brother from Langley."


Re: Other (non-obvious) John Barry recommendations

ajb007/cheers  Me too.


Re: Other (non-obvious) John Barry recommendations

Chriscoop wrote:

I would recommend "the specialist"  soundtrack,  Barbel has pretty much covered everything John Barry,  you could do a lot worse than pick up one of the many and cheaply priced compilation albums and extend your JB listening from there.  Be warned though I did this not long ago and bought one of belarbels recommended albums and now I've felt compelled to buy more and more.

Try "The Beyondness Of Things", which should be easily and cheaply available on Amazon or eBay, and if you like that (which I hope you do) then get "Eternal Echoes", the sequel.

PS "belarbel"????  ajb007/lol  ajb007/lol  ajb007/lol