Topic: Need help on a trivia question

My friend recently gave me a 2 Bond trivia questions that have me stumped.  He loves math and has incorporated it into his question.  I figured the combined knowledge of James Bond fanatics would help me out of a jam.  Thank you in advance.

1st question: A difference of 10 years separates these two films with a common denominator of 197. It's different this time and don't "weight" for another.

I asked him if this included non EON films and he said no.  I was working on film release dates like 1971,1977,1979,1987 and 1997 but didn't get far.

2nd question:  Two names of Bond movies using math.  Four movies apart from one another. The names of the movies are the keys to this riddle. 79 and 6 are the numbers you need for the answer.


Re: Need help on a trivia question

There are a few possibilities:

1967 (YOLT) to 1977 (TSWLM)
1977 to 1987 (TLD)
1987 to 1997 (TND)

Is the "It's different this time and don't "weight" for another." A clue? All the combinations have different Bond's and all have a 2 year release between the former and the next (not the 10 year one).

Will have a good look at the 2nd one later...

1. TWINE  2. FYEO  3. MR  4. TLD  5. TSWLM 6. OHMSS  7. DN  8. OP  9. AVTAK  10. TMWTGG  11. QoS 12. GE  13. CR  14. TB  15. FRWL  16. LTK  17. GF  18. SF  19. LaLD  20. YOLT  21. TND  22. DAD  23. DAF.

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