Topic: Ultragold ?

Yesterday at Aintree a 500-1 underdog called Ultragold beat the favorite, called 007 to win a treble for it's rider and already the conspiracy theorists are having a ball because the horse contained the word ULTRA in it's name, because it beat a horse named after James Bond and because 2 James Bonds : Daniel Craig and Roger Moore are expected to attend the Grand National later. People have speculated that Ultragold winning is a case of a real life Max Zorin/Mayday taking place haha.

Anyway I realize that this is a long convoluted way to reach the point of my message but how cool is ULTRAGOLD for a Bond movie title?


Re: Ultragold ?

Not cool enough to justify its own thread when we have one specifically to discuss possible titles: http://www.ajb007.co.uk/topic/47889/the … rs/page/5/. Closing this one.